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Specialize in Custom Auto Repair Websites

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Auto Repair Websites updated monthly to fit the Season/Holiday & latest Promotions!

Visit: Auto Repair Websites


Custom Websites


Specializing in Auto Repair Industry websites, and applying our proven online marketing techniques to restaurants, manufacturing, retail, hair design, contractors, medical, athletics and a variety of other industries.

CREATENS WEBSITES - Createns has designed and developed websites for many different industries and purposes. From marketing Industrial products, and automotive services -to- apparel, sports venues, and various non-profit organizations, we have a well rounded resume to discuss with you.


Display your Brand from your Website, Mobile Website and across all Social Media Platforms:

Websites & Internet Marketing for Small & Medium Business


Having a website is just the start of it all. Createns Web Marketing's goal is to establish a website that ranks high among major search engines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a term widely used, but is included first and foremost in everything we do. If your site  doesn't surface high in search results when a potential customer is searching online for products or services that you provide, then you may have a website but definitely not a web presence. We can help!


Next, once we drive traffic to your website, then we help you retain these visitors to return time and time again to your business. Using email marketing, we keep your clients and customers up-to-date on your latest products or services offered, but narrow in on what interest each the most. Specific targeting has a much higher success rate than aimless advertising.


Allow your website visitors to interact with your business by purchasing product online, completing questionnaires, scheduling appointments online, or registering for an upcoming event or news release. Createns will develop rich, sophisticated online forms from customer feedback surveys  to employment applications to registration and appointment scheduling.


We also recommend considering a mobile website for those clients and potential customers who search for a product or service of yours from a mobile phone or mobile device such as a smart phone, kindle or tablet. Also, embedded Video into your website has never been more important.


Track how visitors arrive at your website using stats & analytics that inform us what keyword or phrase search words the visitor used to find your website, how many pages they viewed on your site and how long they stayed on the website.


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E-Mail Marketing

Many of our small business clients come to us with a recommendation for (mass) emailing their customers with promotions or just to stay in front of their audience on a routine basis. We recommend two different business programs:

Constant Contact

 Emails for Small Business with Constant Contact

Start connecting with your customers using Email Marketing on a Free 60-day trial from Constant Contact



  iContact.com - Start Your 30 Day Trial Today!

With iContact anyone can easily create, send, and track email newsletters, autoresponders, surveys and RSS feeds.


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Website Design & Marketing


Auto Repair Website Design


471 Chestnut Drive, Berea Ohio 44017

Phone:  440.915.1078 info@createns.com