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Mobile Websites

We are seeing a greater than 60% of visitors to our websites, coming to us from a mobile device. With Social Media Ads, we've seen over 90% of activity coming from the mobile end.

(Yes, 90%!)


iPhone & iPad users can be prompted to add an icon & link to your site to their phone display.


What's the difference?

Desktop websites can open on a smart phone and often times are even optimized for the mobile hand held device. Although, these sites must often be enlarged (zoomed!) manually in order to read and just navigate content. A Mobile website quickly just displays the most important information such as a, 'Call button', 'Email Us', 'Find Us', 'Schedule an Appointment', etc.. The mobile site is made up of large navigation buttons which are designed to be easily clicked-on with the free thumb as your holding the mobile device (such as a phone).

Mobile vs Web Browsing Habits
Understanding the behaviors of mobile web browsing is critical to understanding what your customers and prospects need when they engage with your organization through their mobile device. When sitting at a computer there is a larger screen, time to explore tabs and columns, and a more exploratory method of engaging. When using a mobile device, users are on the go and want to find key information fast without a lot of typing, searching around or scrolling. What your audience needs is for your site to anticipate what they most want to find and put it in front of their face as quickly as possible. Without this, a mobile user can quickly grow impatient with having to zoom and click through layers to find the information they seek. If the same design and layout strategy is used for your mobile presence as a traditional website there is a risk of actually losing visitors!


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